Why Is Weight Loss Difficult?

There are few reasons why many people struggle losing weight.

Food Sensitivity
High Stress
Hormone Imbalances
Metal Toxicity
Poor Gut Health
Slow Metabolism
Thyroid Dysfunction
Vitamin Deficiency

Find out WHY your body is holding onto extra fat!

We do the most comprehensive testing to find root causes of weight gain reviewed by a board certified functional medicine physician, Dr. Joon Lee.

Treatment is personalizedphysician supervised, and you eat REAL food to lose weight and keep it off!

Individualized Treatment

At See Beyond™ Medicine we know the reasons for your weight  gain are individual to you and your body. Our job is identifying the  root causes of the weight gain and then working with you one-on-one to  develop a weight loss program that will work most effectively for you.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to weight loss. Each  program is customized just for you!

Diagnostic Testing

We use diagnostic testing to uncover imbalances in the body that may be  preventing you from burning fat. This testing includes a comprehensive  blood panel that identifies hormone imbalances, vitamin or mineral  deficiencies, sluggish metabolism, heavy metal toxicities etc.

We also  offer food sensitivity and allergy testing that may affect weight loss  results. Each week we monitor your progress using cutting edge  technology called the InBody Scale, a Body Composition Analysis to  ensure you are losing fat and not important lean body mass.

How it works?

The Program

Our Medical Weight Loss Program is safe and effective for all ages. Our  expert team meets with you individually on a weekly basis and are  available to you 24/7 for support. Besides detecting imbalances from our  diagnostic tests, we are detect imbalances in your lifestyle that  contribute to weight gain and overall wellness. This includes nutrition,  hydration, exercise, stress management, and sleep.

The program focuses on high quality real food, supplementation as needed, an education of a lifetime and personalized counseling and accountability.

We are truly with you on your weight loss journey and your challenges are ours to help you overcome. We call on our expertise, experience and compassion to walk with you throughout this exciting time in your life as you lose weight and finally feel better!

Balance your body, balance your life!


We are committed to your long-lasting results! No matter how much weight  you have to lose, our medical weight loss team Dayna Arena, RN and Dr. Joon Lee are committed to helping you achieve your goals. They have  helped patients not only reach successful weight loss results but guide  them on how to keep it off for years.

Treatment adds more quality to your life with disease prevention and reversal of diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes, etc. Address hormonal imbalances with thyroid, menopause, andropause, or cortisol imbalances.

Experience more energy, more confidence, and overall transform into a much healthier you!


Body Composition Analysis

Every week we test your body composition. Weight is just a number. It’s  important to know what makes up that number. Fat, muscle, water etc. The  InBody Scale analyzes your complete body composition to determine  exactly how much extra fat you are holding onto or if you have any  muscle deficiencies. It also measures visceral fat, the fat surrounding  vital organs such as your heart and liver, your basal metabolic rate,  lean body mass or muscle and more!

We use these measurements as our tool of assessment every week during medical weight loss treatment to make  sure you are losing fat and to customize your program depending on your results. This test is included for FREE during your complimentary weight  loss consultation.