Initial Consultation

We can be your primary care or your specialist consultant. Please let us know clearly what you are coming in for.

If you want an annual physical or initial primary care visit, you will see our Medical Doctor or Nurse Practitioner. Medical history taking, physical exam and Basic blood work will be done. This visit will be billed through insurance.

If you want a Functional Medicine consultation, you can see our MD with board certification in holistic integrative medicine and with our Nurse. A one hour consultation, focused physical exam and comprehensive nutritional blood work will be done. This visit is fee for service and is not covered by insurance.

Follow-Up Consultations

After your initial visit, you will be scheduled for a follow-up visit two weeks later. This second visit will be with a practitioner to go over your initial blood work. Full blood work interpretation will only be done via a face-to-face visit.


To make your appointment, please call the office at (914) 722-9440. Messages left after business hours will be returned by the next business day. When leaving a message please include the following information:

  • Full name (please spell your last name)
  • The reason for your call
  • A callback number with the best time to return your call

All patients are required to subscribe to our Patient Portal, where confidential email exchanges about your personal health issues can be accomplished with our practitioners. Your appointment reminders, practice updates and promotions will be delivered via our Patient Portal.


Please notify the office as soon as possible regarding cancellations or changes. There is a 24-hour cancellation fee of $50.00 applied to all scheduled appointments including phone appointments. You may leave us a message after hours.


The prescription refill period for chronic stable medication is 6 months. The prescription refill period for conditions that need monitoring is 3 months. Note: a prescription refill request cannot be fulfilled if it is a new medication to our practice and if you have not been seen by our doctor within 3 months.

Patient Portal Connect subscribers can email the doctor directly with their prescription renewal requests and will get your prescription refill within 24 hours through e-Rx. Or you can have your pharmacist fax prescription requests directly to the office for refills. Our fax number is (914) 722-9441. Please give us at least 72 hours to process your request.

Controlled Medications

Sleeping medication, ADD medication, sedative, strong pain killers, testosterone and antibiotics will not be prescribed without proper assessment, thus requiring an office visit. A monthly visit is required for ongoing controlled medications.

Phone Consultations

We offer phone consultation or video consultation appointments. These types of appointments are fee for service. Please call our office at (914) 722-9440 to schedule these appointments and to get pricing.


It can take 2-3 weeks to receive final lab test results. Interpretation of lab results will not be discussed over the phone. Patient Portal subscribers will receive an email via the Patient Portal that notifies them of the availability of lab and test results in their Personal Health Record. Lab and test results in the Patient Portal may be viewed, printed, downloaded and forwarded immediately.

Non-subscribers may obtain copies of their lab and test results by visiting the office or requesting copies via mail or fax, which may take 72 hours. You will be charged $.75 for each page being copied. If there are abnormal lab results that need immediate attention your Practitioner will contact you. Do not be alarmed if some of your results are high or low, as these will be discussed in detail at the time of your appointment.

Empire City / Quest

We choose to partner with a lab who offers a variety of biomarkers that we deem is important in assessment. They also partner with Quest diagnostics to maximize your insurance benefits for some specialty markers.

With that said you may get a bill from Quest if so please forward to our office. You also may get a summary from Empire city laboratory that shows what deductible status and what your insurance covers. Expect to receive up to 3 bills. Please forward it to us.

Any Other Laboratory Invoices

At any time you receive bills from laboratories, please forward the invoice to us. We can review it with you and help you sort out.


All patients must request referrals during an office visit and in-person meeting with their practitioner, unless the conditions were discussed and evaluated in prior visits. Please give us 72 hours to process electronic referrals.


Please schedule a consultation with our Nutritionist or Naturopathic Doctor to formulate your vitamin regimen. Functional Medicine members receive 20% off on supplement purchases. Please note that we have a strict NO RETURN POLICY on supplements.

Financial Agreement

We require a credit card on file, which you can use to pay all of your visits, wellness procedures and supplements. This will make your check out easy and simple.

You may use all major credit cards, bank issued debit cards or a HAS/FSA card. We will bill you first. If outstanding charges are not paid by other means within 30 days, we will charge the credit card on file. This policy does not restrict your right to appeal any charge made to your credit card. Should you feel that we have charged your card in error, please contact our billing department.

All services, including prepaid packages and supplements are non- refundable.

Vision & Values

Our vision is to practice safe, high quality health care, which encompasses the wholeness and values of all. We stay firmly grounded in evidence-based medicine yet respect the different health beliefs of all who come through our door.

We value the science of Western Medicine and the philosophy of Eastern Medicine, and we utilize the best of both modalities. However, we will respect your wishes in terms of how you want to be treated.

Some of our patients choose Traditional (or mainstream) Medicine for their treatment, while others prefer a Holistic or Functional medical approach. We also have patients who want us to use a combination of both.

At See Beyond Medicine we treat the individual, not the symptom. Yes, we treat illnesses and diseases, but our focus is on prevention and getting to the cause of a patient’s issues.

Please call our office at (914) 722-9440 with your questions or to schedule an appointment.