Facials are designed to purify, restore, replenish, stimulate and smooth your skin. At the time of your initial visit, our aestheticians conduct an in-depth analysis of your skin and recommend the most appropriate one for your facial skin care & skin rejuvenation needs.

PRP Vampire Facial

What’s a PRP vampire facial?

It’s your own blood concentrated down to platelet rich plasma, full of growth factors and collagen stimulating properties. It’s natural, since it’s created from your own blood, extremely safe, no risk of allergic reaction. It only takes about half an hour but it’s highly effective in addressing acne scars, dull and uneven skin tones and skin aging. It also works on your scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Chemical Peel

Provide effective solutions for numerous skin issues ranging from acne to hyper-pigmentation to dull or rough texture. Each person’s skin requires a carefully customized treatment plan, we offer a fine array of chemical peels to match your needs

Chemical peel treatments are often combined with a series of photofacials for optimal skin health, restoring your skin to its most glowing, youthful appearance.


Dermaplaning uses a scalpel or surgical blade to delicately remove the outermost layers of hair and dead skin. The procedures will cause a noticeable textural improvement without downtime, and clients will appreciate the instant rejuvenation.

We often recommend dermaplaning before medical procedures like laser treatments or deep chemical peels. It helps prepare the skin and will result in a more refined and glowing appearance. In addition, dermaplaning will smooth fine lines, wrinkles, and even skin tone.

Treatments are generally recommended approximately every four weeks to accommodate the normal skin-growth cycle.


Generate new collagen & skin tissue for smoother, firmer, and more toned skin

The microneedle- mesotherapy treatment – is primarily used to stimulate the skin, stimulates the muscles responsible for maintaining the skin, and also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It is best for conditions like acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, lose skin, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks and pigment issues. This is minimally invasive treatment that requires no downtime.

Hyaluronic acid is applied under the small needle tip with the needles. As a result, the skin rebuilds nicely, is smooth, wrinkles reduced.

It’s best to do 5 treatments in a series, but one already gives visible effects.

Depending on the type of skin, treatments are repeated every 5-10 days, and after the series – once a month to sustain the effect. The frequency of visits depends primarily on the condition of the skin.


Tiny crystals help to remove the outer layer of your skin delicately. Leaving skin lighter, brighter and looking mush softer.


Vitamin C Anti-Aging

This facial will boost your skins collagen production, giving your firmer, more plump, and smooth skin. Antioxidants are the key ingredients that help fight free radicals and damage. The best way to reverse sun damage is with a Vitamin C treatement.

Oxygen Facial

The Oxygen facial will thoroughly clean the pores, lighten pigmentation, strengthen the skins elasticity, eliminate acne causing bacteria and even out skin tone.

Deep Pore Cleansing

This is our classic facial that consists of the basic facial steps. The main focus is the extractions after the steam, that will remove the black heads, white heads, and deeper pastules. This is the best option for anyone with acnetic skin that feels they are consistently breaking out.

High Frequency Facial

This skin care treatment helps to prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A great treatment to target and kill bacteria.

Hyaluronic Collagen Facial

This special facial helps the epidermis to retain moisture. A specific serum is used to boost collagen with hyaluronic acid serum.

Reflexology Facial

Promotes blood circulation, strengthens the bond between the facial skin and muscles as well as releases muscular tension.